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Eco Marketplace App Fundamentals

  • Reduce the cost and risk of being environmentally active.
  • Reduce carbon output and waste in measurable ways.
  • ‘User Driven Markets.com’ and ‘User Requests.com’ direct industry offerings.

Eco App creates smart energy product platforms.

Eco App marketing platforms increase the adoption and installation rate of products that reduce carbon emissions and waste.

Eco App specializes in ‘User Requests’ and ‘User-Driven Markets’, which are Internet-mediated marketing platforms, where the requests of individuals trigger and influence the ultimate offerings, not unlike the crowd-funding phenomenon.

Eco App operates as network orchestrators curating and tailor offerings driven by users.

Eco App platforms rank extremely high on social media influence* in terms of passion, engagement, and sentiment within the commercial, consumer and media markets.

Eco App creates less contested marketplaces with superior offerings, managed consumer warranties and ‘Endlessly Reusable’ offerings.

First Eco-Marketplace ‘LED’ will address the exaggerated LED manufacturer performance and warranty claims, by offering true ‘Lifetime Replacement” programs under ‘Never Need Another’ and ‘Buck-a-Bulb’ programs. The company’s goal is to address misleading claims and accelerate the adoption rate of highly energy efficient LED lighting products. The company will offer true lifetime replacement programs under our ‘Never Need Another’ and ‘Buck-a-Bulb’ programs. The Buck-a-Bulb LED program, is an easy way for a consumer to convert their home to LED lighting, control energy costs, and enjoy the benefits of energy-efficient technology without paying in advance. ‘Install and Forget’ is our mantra. The company will offer the top selling LEDs at a dollar per bulb/per month over 9-12 months depending on make and mode, backed by a managed ‘Lifetime Replacement’ warranty program.

This is the first of many smart energy applications planned. Eco App creates user marketplace with well-established fulfillment partners and unique application interfaces. By aligning user platforms, we accelerate the mainstream adoption of smart energy technologies in over 20 different energy categories, based on user request and preferences.

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